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Y101 front side

Sustainable solutions within your budget

Tribe of passionately curious architects with a quest to explore everything that we do.

We believe to convert any given challenge into opportunities to create sustainable solutions within your budget. From conceptual discussions to completion of the project, our commitment to quality remains constant.

Space at Mumbai

During the pandemic, not only did people become "aatma nirbhar" but also did our limited available room spaces within our homes. Some got converted to a classroom, a gymnasium, an office, the playground and even a nursing ward for isolation. We all realised how our spaces could help us during uncertain times and made it certain. A young couple realised that their extra toilet space could be used up for some organised office setup to complement their work lifestyle within a limited budget and a short span.


This private villa is located at Swarnabhoomi@Raipur, designed for an entrepreneur who deals in the manufacturing of windows.

With an incomplete existing part shell of a bungalow on this plot, the client did insist to integrate it with the new addition, which to is proposed in the extended plot and it had to be "Vaastu" compliant.

Oriented at the junction of roads and with an avenue of frangipani (Champa) trees at the opposite end, the villa is designed to enjoy the view towards the surroundings.


PrivateVilla Y101,
Residence at Raipur

a sales booth at Raipur

Jhopdi- a tropical design sales booth for a project launched by a Client, named Rama Greens at Raipur. Rama Greens is a 40-acre township with limited edition villas designed by Ar. Sandeep Khosla. The design outset happened with taking inspiration from rural tropical architecture and upscale it to make the customers experience beforehand the ethos with which project Rama Greens was designed.


Your aspiration becomes our blueprint

We believe in collaborating with you and ensure to create spaces that are functional, comforting and aesthetically pleasing as per the desired need.

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